Thursday, 17 July 2014

Farewell for now.

I feel like today I had to deal with the constant/immortality of human questioning.

The person that has always been one who has set her boundaries very separate from mine has been the one who has seen just as I have felt I have seen.

I find it interesting that she now comes to the conclusions I came to a couple of years ago: and still she is willing to further them. It is a journey I felt that was separate to all others: yet I feel, whilst she doesn't tread my path exactly, she still follows in my direction.

I feel like hers is a much bigger mission of self discovery; for sure she has had more to consider and to an extent break free of, which I have never had.

I have been given my own freedom to explore my own beliefs which I believe is something she wants and greatly looks forward to being able to express. And completely, I do understand her plight as much as I can; I have loved that she has taken it that she is making personal, informed decisions about her life as opposed to those decided by others. Even those that she knows love and care for her, she must know hold different standards to her own, and she must understand that her own are the ones that matter.

Whilst I completely understand and respect that which her parents lay down for her, her lifestyle is the one she choses to live; and to reject her for that is completely, in my opinion, immoral in itself. You cannot turn your daughter away for a more radical ideal than you in this day and age.

I completely support everything she feels and you have to understand that you cannot stop anyone from making their own decisions with any sincere amount of authority in this day and age.

 I respect that you are making informed decisions and they are completely yours; irrespective of your parents. I know it is a huge leap for you and I would like you to know that I will always be here to support you.

But I also believe your family will do its best to provide for you what it can, and even with any other thing considered, to make sure you are well provided for. If you ever need anything, you must know I will give you anything you need, and you need only ask.

I am certain that my role in human nature should be to give out that which the more fortunate have bestowed; merely because the sheer expression of joy on all their faces is enough to employ me for a year. I must leave, only to support myself in my degree, and I hope all of you very much the best. xx