Friday, 19 September 2014

I didn't realise that's what it is.

So we were in the pub having a good old chat and near the end some guys come over. They seem friendly enough and I'm happy to have people to talk to that aren't my friend that's either glued to her kindle/tablet/internet or letting me talk about myself too much...

So we have a talk and a laugh and one of them makes an awkward come on to me which is immediately shot down by laughter or everyone to "I'm not asking for sex or anything"... It was amazingly funny.

So after that we have a chat until closing, which is only around half an hour, and then go out for a smoke etc. One guy gives me his home phone and won't listen when I tell him I can't ever call it...

We head home and I'm still thinking those guys are a laugh but it turns out she's not so comfortable with it. I feel so bad that I imposed that situation on her when she wasn't okay with it, but I also don't know how I could have known her reaction... I enjoy that kind of interaction here and there and I need to know if the person I am spending time with wouldn't enjoy that! In hindsight I should have known, but I just didn't really think it was an issue. I guess it was the selfishness in me or just the ignorance, I don't know.

I wouldn't have said they were all hitting on me or anything like that, I genuinely think they were trying in a weird way to be friendly.

I guess in a patronising way I'm thinking of it in a "I used to feel that way" sort of sense, and I shouldn't. What's to say she will start thinking of things that way I did? Just because she's at the same point I was in my life doesn't mean she's going to go the same way from it, or even have gotten there the same way!

I need to give my empathy a proper kick, and I need to start meeting people that don't make the people I'm with uncomfortable.

I'll try. Although it seems like I only attract them of that sort...